Justin– Started skating when i was 13. Live to cruise, carve and dance.

Lauren– Longboarding is a new love of mine, but I’ve always been fascinated by anything on wheels. 

Justin– Tampa, FL

Lauren– Queens, NY

Boards– Landyachtz, Globe, Roxy

Trucks– Bear

Wheels– Hawgs

“Life is an adventure that is best lived boldly”

Longboard Society was started in February 2020 by Justin and Lauren. Our love of riding longboards and travelling inspired us to share our continuously growing knowledge of longboards, riding styles and adventures. 

Since the age of 13, Justin has been riding skateboards and rollerblades. He has always loved the adrenaline rush of going hard and landing tricks. While he is always pushing himself to learn new tricks or bomb a hill faster, he is also excited to share his knowledge and skill set with everyone around him.

Lauren has always had a love for creativity, travelling, and sports. She grew up taking pictures, and creating films, and when she got old enough, she began to branch out and travel as often as she could. Longboarding didn’t come until later in life and that is when she rediscovered her love for sports and outdoors. Longboarding has provided an exciting new way to see the world, and Longboard Society has given her the chance to share all the knowledge she has gained, creatively.